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Internet Safety Presentations

 We believe in the importance of parent-child dialogue regarding technology. Therefore, we structure our Internet Safety presentations for children and parents in such a way as to facilitate conversations at home. Our Internet safety presentation for children and parents relate to devices, software, websites and applications they are using (both in school and at home) and specifically touch upon cultural implications and the potential harms that come with Internet usage. We discuss a variety of issues including social media, over-exposure, online predators and cyberbullying – just to name a few. 

Booking a School Presentation

Please contact us about giving a tailored presentation which suits your audience. 

Home Consultation

Each household has a variety of generations living under a single roof and therefore, a variety of different expectations, understanding, and comfort levels about technology and the Internet. Our goal in a family session is to facilitate productive conversations between parents and children. We teach that technology and the Internet are not the enemy. Instead, they are effective tools we can utilize on a day-to-day basis if we understand its dangers and make conscious decisions to handle them responsibly. Our family sessions are interactive and fun for everyone. 

Digital Device Examination

We provide a unique service in that we can forensically examine your childs mobile device to insure that they are staying safe online.  Children as young as 8 years of age are being given digital devices which can be used by online predictors to target your child.  If you suspect that your child is being bullied online, or, being targeted by online predictors, we can help and assist you in discovering the truth.

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